AA Fuel Prices



Develop an app which would enable consumers to find the cheapest fuel prices in their area.


AA Fuel Prices locates your position using the smartphone’s GPS capability. It then polls 10 stations in your locality and plots the cheapest 5 on a map, colour coding them to show which are the cheapest and the most expensive. The application caters for unleaded, super unleaded, diesel, ultimate diesel and LPG, and uses Google Maps to route you to the station you choose.


Shortly after the launch, AA Fuel prices app went into the top 10 in the App Store travel chart. The app was also featured in the ‘What’s hot’ listings on the App Store and went straight into the new ‘UK Top Grossing’ chart upon launch.


We worked with Mubaloo to develop AA Fuel Prices UK. They were swift in development and were responsive to all our needs. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to develop a Smartphone app.