Target Neutral

Android App

BP - Target Neutral is marked as Enterprise available only


As part of BP Target Neutral, during a major global sporting event in 2012, BP offered to offset the carbon footprint of all ticketholder journeys, free of charge. BP chose to work with Mubaloo to develop an Android app that would add to their Target Neutral campaign to offset carbon emissions for this global sporting event.


Essentially, BP's Carbon Offsetting Android app enabled people to offset their journey whilst on site at this global sporting event. On receiving tickets, all spectators received a BP tag in the post with a QR code on it. A number of BP facilitators equipped with tablets were then onsite during the event to scan in the QR codes (or hand out new tags if required) and register a spectator’s journey details in order to offset the CO2 emissions from their journey.


BP is aiming to set the world record for the largest number of people who participate to offset carbon emissions associated with travel to and from a global sporting event. This Android app is helping BP to achieve this goal by making it easy for spectators to calculate and register their CO2 emissions whilst they are on site at this global sporting event.


An essential component of our world record attempt was to enable sign ups where there was limited or no wifi connectivity. Mubaloo's app worked flawlessly from the outset. The team were courteous and competent, They delivered on time as planned. The QR code scanning functionality worked well. The Mubaloo design and technical teams were integrated smoothly and seamlessly from the outset. This assured me that they would be able to deliver a brand compliant solution which worked. Mubaloo made it one less thing to worry about.