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After successfully designing and developing one of the first ever live trading apps on smartphone for Hargreaves Lansdown, Mubaloo was asked to extend their offering by building a brand new iPad app. The decision to move to iPad was based on customer feedback as visits to the HL website from iPads have increased more than 17-fold in the last 2 years. The key objective of the HL iPad app was to enable customers to trade as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The HL Live iPad app is a customisable live investment trading app that enables users to manage their accounts, as well as place share and fund trades quickly and easily. The user experience is built around customisable tiles that display relevant information to users. Tiles define the journey, bringing together information about shares and funds, investment ideas and expert comments, to provide a snapshot view of activity. Users are also given the option to add shares and funds to different watchlists, where they can track and monitor how their selected investments are performing.


The HL iPad app gives users another channel to manage their stocks and funds and find out up to date information about the financial marketplace. Users are also able to create a more personalised experience within the app by choosing their own tiles of information in order of relevancy. The app was downloaded 27,500 times in its first week and accounted for 2.3% of all trades.


We went out to the market and spent around two months speaking to different developers. Ultimately, we ended up with Mubaloo again. They had come up with some of the best ideas for creating the app and had a real understanding about the importance of making it as easy-to-use as possible for our customers.