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The Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) is responsible for maintaining and publishing a register of health and care professionals who meet national standards for their training, professional skills and behaviour. The app provides an extension to the online Register making it available to the public anywhere, at any point.


Based on HCPC’s target audience, it was decided in the initial scoping sessions, that it would be best to develop a native iPhone app. In the same way as the online Register but designed to deliver a high quality user experience, the public can use the app to check that their health and care professional is registered, read relevant news stories and even raise a concern.


People who download the HCPC app will be able to easily check whether the person they are seeing is registered by the HCPC. It also provides information on how to raise any concerns they may have directly with HCPC.


Mubaloo were an excellent company to work with. They took time to consider our requirements, were extremely efficient and worked closely with us at every stage of the development process. The result is a well thought through, high quality app which supports our core objective of protecting the public.