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Living Worlds

Android, iPhone & iPad

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To create an inspirational space where visitors can learn, explore and interrogate the subject matter in more detail, and to connect what people did in the museum with what they did after their visit.


Mubaloo developed ‘Living Worlds’ for both iOS and Android. The experiential app uses media-rich guides to enhance the exhibit information and allow visitors to learn more about the key themes and messages.


This project is one of a kind and combines the experience and skills of the UK’S largest University museum, top fashion events agency villa eugénie and the UK’s largest App developer, Mubaloo.


We wanted Living Worlds to be a new type of natural history gallery for the 21st century, that went beyond describing and classifying the natural world to one that engages people with the wonder and mystery of nature for the benefit of their own well-being and the environment. Working with Mubaloo and App technology meant that we could combine collections management, exhibitions and public engagement in a really neat way, delivering this vision for our visitors and for other App users.