Security Threat Monitor

iPhone App

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Sophos, the business to business IT security specialist that delivers complete solutions around the world, teamed up with Mubaloo to create a business focused mobile application. The target audience for the app is IT professionals. The Sophos app gives them the capability to know what threats are out there at anytime in any place.


The ‘Sophos Security Threat Monitor’ app provides a direct, hourly updated feed from Sophos Labs which identifies threats such as email threats, spam and web threats. The app allows you to view the top ten most recent threats, threat detail, live threat landscape, geographic spam hotspots and geographic web threat hotspots.


The ‘Security Threat Monitor’ app is probably the most directly relevant and informative app available from a tier one security vendor. It puts visibility of the most current and prevalent security issues that IT professionals face, at their finger tips – wherever they are.