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As one of the world’s leading providers of weather and climate information, the Met Office wanted to utilise mobile technology to provide the general public with easy access to the latest accurate weather forecasts, wherever users are, all for free. The project aimed to extend the Met Office’s offering to Android users whilst enhancing the user experience of the already available iPhone app through updated design and development.


This free Android and iPhone app gives users up to date weather forecasts and warnings, ‘at a glance’ five-day overview, three hourly location forecasts and offers 5,000 locations to choose from with multiple favourites. The app has been designed for both Android and iPhone with subtle UI differences to create an exceptional user experience on both platforms making it as easy as possible for users to navigate and get the most up-to-date weather information across the UK.


The Met Office app now has over 7m downloads across iPhone and Android. In February 2012, 41% of the Met Office’s overall web traffic was through its mobile app; this increased to 61% in February 2013. Also, based on the the Econsultancy Mobile Statistics Compendium for February 2013, 48.27% of all UK iPhone users have downloaded the app and on average a fifth of these iPhone users are using the app regularly each month.


The Met Office app has been an excellent achievement; combining world leading weather prediction from the Met Office and award-winning mobile app development from Mubaloo. We are really pleased to be recognised as leaders of app strategy in the public sector. Thank you to Mubaloo for implementing this great product."