UNITE Maintenance App


UNITE - UNITE Maintenance App is marked as Enterprise available only


UNITE, the UK’s leading operator of purpose built student accommodation, wanted to utilise mobile technology to enable their Facilities team to manage jobs more efficiently.


Mubaloo developed an Android app that integrates with UNITE’s Maintenance Management System and enables UNITE’s facilities teams to view, update and sort information about their allocated maintenance jobs, wherever they are. In addition to this, the app also provides real time updates on progress, which can then be communicated to customers - leading to improved maintenance efficiency, as well as improved customer service.


This is a great example of how apps can be used to improve business processes and the value that can be subsequently realised. The app has increased the number of jobs completed by 30%, and as well as improving staff productivity and efficiency, has also improved the experience for the customer.


Mubaloo provided UNITE with market knowledge and insight enabling a clear mobile app strategy to be developed. The app was delivered from design to full delivery within 8 weeks and to agreed time, quality and budget. The app has contributed towards a significant improvement in the maintenance performance for the group.