Mobile Banking


VoiceVault - Mobile Banking is marked as Enterprise available only


VoiceVault approached Mubaloo to develop an iPad app that would showcase the use of their voice biometric technology system in the banking sector.


This iPad app is a unique sales tool that enables VoiceVault to demo how their voice biometric software fits into a mobile banking use case to potential customers in the banking sector. The app enables users to register their voice and see how the software works in practice through illustrative content. As well as a solution demonstrator, this app was developed for use by potential customers to enable internal demonstrations. It was therefore essential that the app was intuitive.


This iPad app has given VoiceVault an impressive tool to showcase their technology to the banking sector. The intuitive design enables anyone to use the app easily, and the illustrative content brings to life what the banking sector could do with this new technology.


Our app speaks for itself!