Enterprise Mobile Apps: A Master Class

Friday 15th March, 8.30am

MWB, 60 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6NP


Over the last year, the role of mobile apps has broadened significantly with businesses considering how apps can drive operational productivity and efficiency across the enterprise.
With this increase in demand for business critical tools, so comes the challenge of integrating mobile apps with existing legacy systems in order to gain the maximum value from the opportunities mobile creates.
Join us and leading integration expert, Transoft, for this master class on Friday 15th March as we discuss the business issues, integration challenges and the many benefits mobile apps can offer an enterprise.




1. The Business Case for an App

A look at the role mobile apps play for businesses and brands and the KPIs they can be expected to deliver. Case studies will illustrate how to achieve awareness, acquisition, upsell & customer satisfaction as well as providing an introduction on how to build app roadmaps alongside existing metrics, channels and customer journeys.

2. The "Plumbing" Behind the Scenes - Connecting to legacy

Enterprise Mobility relies on being able to take your existing applications and integrate them with scalability, security and performance to your mobile users. In this session we discuss what you need to take your core applications mobile.

3. App Security

Security is a big consideration in app development but not one to be scared of. Using case studies and scenarios, we’ll give you an overview of the current security landscape.

4. End Results (Including Demo)

An example of a 20 year old COBOL application that we have taken mobile. In this session we provide an overview of the work required to build such an app and provide a demo of the first step towards your mobilisation strategy.




If you would like a better understanding of some of the key considerations and challenges of enterprise mobility, or would like to explore what is possible in enterprise mobile app development, this event is for you. IT, Operations and CIOs will all find this master class a useful introduction to enterprise mobility.  




08:30am: Registration & breakfast
09:00am: Start and Introductions
09:15am: The Business Case for an App
              The "Plumbing" Behind the Scenes
10:45am: Break
11:15am: App Security
              End Results (Including Demo)
12:15pm: Conclusions and Q&A
12:30pm: Lunch


COST: £69+VAT To ensure attendance we charge a small fee. Delegates can cancel up to 21 days prior to the date of the event.


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