We’re thrilled to announce that Equiniti’s member self-service App, Compendia, was awarded the Financial Technology (FinTech) prize at the 2015 Appsters last night. The app, created in partnership with Mubaloo, has helped position Equiniti as one of the leading financial services companies and pension providers.

Equiniti makes payments totalling over £13bn per annum to 2.3 million pensioners in 180 countries. In the UK alone, Equiniti provides software and services to over 7 million of the UK’s pension scheme members.

Equiniti is on a journey to become a leading FinTech company, with Compendia being one of theearly steps on the journey. The app and self-service website, created with Mubaloo Group, has been instrumental in the renewed interest from customers who can now clearly see the benefits that self-service brings to their members as well as seeing Equiniti win a number of financial awards and increase its overall market presence.

The app was shortlisted against Call Levels and Post Office money and won for its advancement of technology within the financial sector. We’re thrilled that Equiniti is able to add the award to its growing collection of accolades. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the company as it continues down its journey of disruption and transformation.

“We are proud to be leading the pensions industry in the self-service arena and, in partnership with Mubaloo, we have continued to add value by bringing more services online since the launch.” Richard Llambias, Head of Product Strategy, Products, Equiniti Pension Solutions.

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