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In one of its latest reports, ‘Market Insight: Digital Disruption in the IT Services Industry’ [1], Gartner has identified Mubaloo as an emerging competitor in the mobile development segment.

In the report, which is available to download to Gartner clients here, Gartner identifies that: ’Client selection criteria for choosing a service provider for digital opportunities are different from traditional IT initiatives. They look for service providers that can bring innovation and new ideas to them; have business knowledge, good design and user experience capabilities; and that are agile and can implement solutions very quickly.’

The report also identifies that:

‘As more enterprises recognise the potential value of digital technologies in transforming and optimising their businesses, they will increase their spending on service providers to help them evaluate, design and implement digital solutions’

Indeed, in Gartner’s latest CIO survey [2], “70% of CIOs expect to change their technology and sourcing relationships in the coming years. Forty-six percent of CIOs recognise that need to work with new categories of partners.”1

JP Luchetti, Consultancy Director, Mubaloo said, “We feel the latest report from Gartner reinforces what we have seen firsthand in the market. It’s not enough for companies to talk about digital, they need to be doing it today. Companies who don’t embrace digital across their organisation will risk displacement by competitors. It doesn’t matter what your brand is or the industry you are you operate in; if you don’t take the steps to understand and implement digital, you will be left behind.”

Mubaloo has been mentioned in the mobile development segment alongside seven other emerging mobile development segment specialists.

[1] Gartner, Market Insight: Digital Disruption in the IT Services Industry, Susan Tan, 15th January 2016

[2] Gartner, CIO Survey, January 2016

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