Mobile industry predictions for 2019

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With a stellar line-up of advancements and developments in the mobile industry on the horizon, 2019 promises an abundance of opportunities for app developers.

The groundworks were laid in 2018, with major announcements such as Apple’s iPhone X unveiling at their Special Event in September and the news that 5G testing is underway in the UK.

We’ve compiled a list of our five biggest predictions for the year ahead to factor into your 2019 plans.


5G an app development gamechanger

5G offers super-fast streaming and download possibilities. For app developers, the introduction of this technology is a huge opportunity moving forward – especially as testing is currently taking place in limited locations across the UK and the first 5G-ready smartphones are expected to be released next year.

The new and improved network speeds that 5G offers means latency is no longer an issue – ideal if you’re looking to develop AR/VR type apps in 2019 and beyond. Download speed is also increased, so users can get their hands on the latest releases with very little delay.

2019 could be the year when the mobile industry begins working faster than ever before.


Behavioural biometrics transforming security

Data breaches hogged the headlines in 2018, with some of the biggest organisations in the world affected.

New security measures, such as implementing behavioural biometrics, add an extra layer of protection to sensitive apps. This includes sectors like banking or health and could be a huge factor in 2019 for app developers operating in these industries.

Using this innovative technology, unusual behaviours can be flagged – how the app is used, how much pressure is applied when clicking things on the app etc. – and security measures implemented, to protect against fraudulent activity.

Nationwide’s banking app has been using this tech since 2016. Fast forward three years on, and it’s set to become an industry standard across several sectors.

For developers requiring enhanced security measures on their apps, this tech must be considered for projects in 2019.


AI the biggest driver for improved UX

The functionality of Alexa and Siri in recent years has led to a boom in popularity and usage. Studies show that over half of smartphone users regularly ask Siri questions, suggesting consumers are becoming more accustomed to using AI technology and enjoying its positive impact on their UX when using their smartphone.

It seems possible that in 2019, the implementation of AI to support a higher quality UX is likely to occur. App developers can take advantage of this by implementing AI tech to manage user expectations, monitor their habits and adapt accordingly – tailoring personalised recommendations that are unique to an individual.


App personalisation will continue

Even with GDPR now firmly in place, there are ways for app users to continue sharing their information by giving their consent. This allows them to receive a personalised experience when using an application.

This desire for a customised service looks set to be something we’ll see continue in 2019, even though users still value their privacy.

For those working in this remit, it’s a good idea to look carefully at privacy policies to ensure apps are they’re totally GDPR compliant and transparent in how they collect consumer data.


Data monetisation could be big

Several apps already monetise by providing content up-front and offering opportunities to buy later – giving users control over purchases. Currently, adverts are an accepted part of many mobile apps, whether they’re subtle banner styles or full-screen interstitial ads.

Data monetisation could relieve users of generalised advertising, with a move towards more personalised ads in 2019. After the introduction of GDPR, we thought that perhaps it couldn’t be implemented on top of regular sold advertising.

However, if users give consent for their non-personal data to be processed, analysed and used, this could generate additional revenue.

See the 2019 with a strategy that incorporates these five predictions. User-first, personalised apps are the future with a faster network to support your offering.

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