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With more than 2 million apps available in the app store, a common fear that arises is – “Is the app market too saturated? Can I even stand out?”. With a great team helping to define and deliver real user value, your app can compete and stand-out from all the noise!


Since, just like apps, there are multiple app developers out there, we appreciate our clients choosing us to build their apps and their digital strategy. Our Clutch profile plays a huge role in helping our clients choose us. We receive reviews on Clutch, a B2B reviews and ratings company, and these reviews give potential clients an unbiased look into how we operate. 


We recently received a new review on our Clutch profile! The client is a sports influencer networking platform that needed assistance with getting their dream back on track. They engaged us to work on the app, oversee project management, road mapping, and gap analysis. Within this process we focussed in bringing the user-experience up to expectations through UX/UI support.


To ensure that we maintained an open and transparent working relationship that allowed the client to remain in control, we pushed collaborative workshopping sessions. When working remotely we utilised Slack and Jira to ensure that we gave the client the level of engagement that they needed.


“The quality of their work is very high, and they have very clear systems in place. Everyone in their organization knows their role, and they fit very well into the project plan.” – Co-Founder and COO, Sports Influencer Networking Platform


Another happy client is a parcel company. We worked with them to create an iOS and Android app for their digital transformation.


The client received positive feedback for the apps from their large user base and other stakeholders within the business. In particular, they were impressed with the way that we brought their ambitious vision to life through a highly collaborative working relationship between their product teams and our Strategy, Design and Development teams.


“If it has to be one thing, it’s that they have developed an app that’s been well-received and didn’t require us to rework any of the designs. I thought the launch was going to go wrong, but it was seamless. They managed the whole end-to-end launch with the stores and organized beta programs around launching the app.” – Head of Portfolio, Parcel Company


It’s because of these reviews that Clutch ranks us one of the UK’s top app developers. In addition, the Manifest lists us as number 1 in the UK product designers category and Visual Objects ranks us a top 20 UX designer in UK. 


With all our bases covered, we are glad to have been recognized in all these fields by Clutch and its sister sites. We thank all our clients for working with us and helping us spread the word about our services. The entire Mubaloo team appreciates it!


If you would like to join the Mubaloo team and work with us, contact us and we’ll set up a consultation right away!

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