Mubaloo @ Mobile World Congress 2019

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Join Head of Mubaloo Gemma Coles at MWC19 for a panel discussion with industry experts on voice and discover how brands can win consumers with this tech.


 How to Win Consumers in a Voice Activated World

On Tuesday 26thFebruary at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Head of Mubaloo, Gemma Coles, will be chairing a panel of voice tech industry experts for a special discussion on; Winning Consumers in a Voice Activated World.

We’re in the formative stages of a technological revolution. As humans, we’ve been speaking to each other for around 100,000 years. But it’s only recently that we’ve finally begun speaking with machines. Now, however, it’s becoming a two-way conversation.

By 2020, half of all search activity will be through voice, which means brands need to pay attention and step up their efforts to engage with their customers using this exciting tech. Our panel aims to help you establish where your priorities and opportunities lie. Here’s what you can expect to hear.


 The panellists

Gemma Coles – Head of Mubaloo

Behshad Behzadi – Senior Engineering Director, Google Assistant

Chris Havell – Head of Consumer Bluetooth & Audio, Qualcomm Technologies

Yann Lechelle – COO of Snips

Tony Archibong – VP, Distribution and Business Development, TuneIn


 The burning questions about voice technology

Businesses worldwide need to explore voice tech and its possibilities for AI-led customer service, personalised advertising and voice skills. We’ll be answering the following questions to help you identify your strategy:

How can brands use voice tech to create value?

What aspect of your brand can voice improve? How can you make efficiencies or break new ground using voice technology?

 Where is voice tech headed?

The opportunities for your business with voice tech are endless. People are using more voice-enabled devices than ever before. Find out where it’s going, and how it’s growing.

 Where do we begin using voice tech?

Before you start thinking about syncing up with other facets of your strategy, figure out your short-term plans for investing in and deploying voice.

 Not forgetting… what is voice tech?

We’ve seen its everyday applications and marvelled at the potential, but how exactly do you turn voice into an enticing prospect for stakeholders?


 Time for brands to find their voice

Voice tech’s potential is staggering. It’s in homes and portable devices, changing the way consumers interact with their favourite brands.

It’s also becoming smarter. Voice can now process dialogue with an astounding 98% accuracy. By becoming so personable, so fast, it’s making people more comfortable interacting with AI-enabled solutions.

We’ll be talking about how businesses need to find their voice. Our panel will be discussing how to take elements of a company’s character, brand equity and established products and services, and translate them into totally new concepts for voice.

The architecture of the technology can be complex – but the architecture of the dialogue even more so. We’ll explain how delicacy and simplicity is needed for brands to hit the right tone and gain relevance with voice tech.

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