MWC19 Day One

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The first day of MWC19 is over and it’s been a whirlwind of content, technology and experiences!

The exhibition space this year was huge and there were so many interesting talks we wanted to submerse ourselves in. I managed to attend the biggest keynote of the day surrounding immersive content- speakers included Vimeo, HTC and Niantic (the guys behind Pokémon Go).

It was interesting to hear the story behind Vimeo and Niantic- both questioned how we can empower the creative, telling a story on where tech and content is going.
Niantic had an interesting method surrounding the human approach behind technology which they talked us through. They really questioned the needs of the user and they knew that gaming tech could be used in real world senses. They explained that the human approach to technology, for them, lead to them feeling responsible to get people back outside and lead to the question- what happened to fun outside? It was really fascinating to hear the storytelling of Pokémon Go and to see how they prioritised the needs of the user to get their final result, similar to our work at Mubaloo.  

However, the winner for me was really HTC- they blew me away. Their presentation was an impressive visual experience of the human body, with technology representing different functions of the anatomy, and the CEO presenting, Char Wang, was phenomenal. She expressed the need to bring technology, imagination and humanity together, as well as how tech could be used in education to bring the experience alive and keep children engaged.

Day two will see my talk on voice and its digital possibilities, which I am very excited about! We’ve taken years to get to this point with voice technology and it’s such a big milestone that we definitely need to be shouting about. 

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