Pride 2019

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We all know that Pride is a colourful occasion where we are all free to express our individuality, but it isn’t just about glitter and parades. We held a host of Pride events at the Mubaloo office, planned by our LGBTQ+ representative Raoni, to educate the office on why Pride is still so important.

We baked rainbow cupcakes, rainbow cookies, wore rainbow colours, but more importantly Raoni held an informative presentation and documentary screening, educating the office on exactly what LGBTQ+ is and how people across the world are still affected by discrimination.

We watched the documentary “Marielle & Monica”, produced by the Guardian, which sheds light on Brazil’s political situation and the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ rights. It is only around 25 minutes long, but it was an incredibly moving and insightful film and definitely worth the watch (find link here).


For Raoni, the events were especially personal:  ‘when I signed up to be an IPG LGBTQ+ Ambassador representing Mubaloo, I wasn’t very sure what I could do or how to start. When it all came together and finally happened the outcome was so amazing and the feedback I got was really inspiring. I had people feeling safe enough to come out to me and ask for advice, I had a person from Mediabrands I’ve never met writing a touching e-mail, saying she was moved by my words (on our internal newsletter); I had so many thank you messages on how inspiring it was and how it had opened people’s eyes.


All of it made me realise how important this kind of action is- it’s not just about joining every other company with rainbow logos- it’s about making people feel embraced and accepted; it’s about educating people who don’t have much contact with LGBTQ+ about who we are and what we fight for; it’s about seeing the importance and value (not only from the social aspect) that diversity brings to companies.


To me personally, this represents a milestone in my life where I am not only able to openly talk about who I am, but to proudly advocate for the community. It makes me feel like I belong and my voice is worth being heard- and that’s really how I want to feel in my work place.’

As a business, we’re hoping that holding a Pride week will raise internal awareness and hopefully have a positive impact- changing opinions, opening people’s eyes for recruiting team members with more diverse backgrounds, etc. IPG’s Open LGBTQ+ Network is also aiming to support those in minority groups, increasing feelings of belonging and ensuring everyone has a voice and can bring their whole selves to work everyday.

Thank you once again to Raoni for educating and hosting these amazing events and bravely voicing his story.

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