Talk Assist is Live

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Expert Blog, News & Opinion | 0 comments

Our latest version of our Talk Assist app is finally live!


After its first release in 2012, the app has remained a critical tool for its users who suffer from speech disorders.

A few years on and Talk Assist was in need of a total rebuild and has undergone a UX/UI makeover, you can read more about this makeover here.

We gave Talk Assist some major TLC, adding a voice library for different genders, a folder system for favourite saved phrases, etc. All of these updates helping the user to maintain a connection with those they are speaking to, creating a personal experience and improving their lives.

The Talk Assist App is a much-loved project at Mubaloo, staying true to our values and mission – “making peoples lives better through great digital products and experiences” we took some time aside from our normal day-to-day work and tried to give something back, proving that tech can be used for good when we take some time to think about others.

A huge thank you to the Mubaloo team who helped redesign and build the app in particular Claire Barrett from our UX team and Olly Berry Head of iOS.

Download the app here (Android version will be available soon):

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