The positives I can take from a fully remote working environment to keep my morale high

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Expert Blog, News & Opinion | 1 comment

Much like many other people across the country the first week of fully remote working was a challenge and a struggle to adapt. Not so much from the point of view of my daily work patterns, but more in relation to the activities and social gatherings I was suddenly unable to enjoy.

I felt quite down for the first week, then decided to grab the opportunity of being at home for the majority of my time to revisit some of my past hobbies and interests that my busy work/life schedule had stopped me from doing. 

I decided to construct a list. The list is there to remind me to take the positives from the situation and focus on these to keep my own personal morale high. I started by re-downloading the Duolingo app and jumping straight back into learning Italian (which isn’t the easiest with a thick, farmer sounding Bristolian accent). I had first started learning Italian back in 2018 and since had allowed it to take a back seat because of my busy lifestyle. 

The rest of the list I revisit daily to keep reminding myself,. Although there may not be anything extraordinarily interesting present, it’s something. 

Some of the positives I can take from being isolated from my usual life:

  1. My flat has never been this clean, organised or clutter-free.
  2. All of my clothes are washed, ironed and hung up in the wardrobe. 
  3. I am finally getting time to listen to my vinyl collection that I have spent years collecting (current favourite is Fugees – The Score).
  4. Having a vast amount of time to experiment with recipes in the kitchen.
  5. Saving money on monthly outgoings like Sky Sports, Gym membership and going out.
  6. Taking extra time to catch up with friends and family.

Although I cannot wait to have my old life back and remind myself how a crisp, farm produced cider tastes, I find it’s always good to take whatever positives you can from a situation to keep your own morale high.


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