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Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose showing off everything the company has been working on for the past many months. Here are the highlights.

First up is iOS 13.

The new iOS is getting a big upgrade, app installs are now 50% smaller and apps will launch twice as fast, dark mode is a new darker interface for when the standard is a bit too bright. With IOS 13 swipe to type keyboard support is finally built in within native functionality.


Don’t want to share your email with every new app you install?

Apple built a sign-in solution that lets you log into a service using her Apple account and authenticate using face I.D. without needing a password and without sharing her social media information.

AirPods can now read incoming messages to you. Audio sharing lets you take the audio from wherever you’re listening to and send it to multiple sets of AirPods. You can also now hold an iPhone next to a HomePod to stream audio from your phone to the speaker.

We also got to meet the brand-new MacPro. Looks like Apple has done with the cylinder style Mac Pro as the company has returned with a classic tower look. It has support for up to 28 core Intel Xeon processor up to 1.5 terabytes of system memory and 8 internal PCI slots and is said to be as quiet as an iMac Pro.

The oh so pricey Mac Pro is getting an equally pricey new pro display. This new, 32 inch 6K pro display XDR will cost $4999 while the Nano texture edged version will cost $5999. The stand isn’t included. That’ll set you back another thousand bucks.


After Sierra High Sierra and Mojave comes Mac OS Catalina

As rumoured iTunes is dead, or rather iTunes is being split up after eight years of increasing bloat. Its functionality is being divvied up into three new apps Apple Music, Apple podcasts and AppleTV.

A new feature called sidecar turns your iPad into a secondary display for your Mac complete with Apple pencil support.

Find my phone and find my friends are being combined into one “Find My” App which will now also exist as a Mac OS app. Even if a device is offline you can search for it using a bluetooth mesh network made up of all other iOS Mac devices

Macs are getting activation lock which lets you send a signal to effectively break the device after it’s stolen or lost. The operating system that powers the iPad is now known as iPad OS, the new OS will allow faster switching between apps running on the iPad side by side with slide over mode.

The files app has been overhauled with better browsing modes and iCloud folder sharing and it now supports external drives and SD cards. We’re also getting new gestures like using a three finger pull in gesture to cut a three finger drop in gesture to paste.

The Apple pencil latency has also been shaved from 20 milliseconds to 9 milliseconds.


Lastly Apple announced multi-user support for Apple TV. Tired of seeing recommendations based on what everyone else in your house is watching?

You can now have different profiles for each member of the family on Apple TV. Switch between profiles and viewing recommendations will change accordingly.

That’s all from WW DC 2019.

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