In the lead up to Christmas we published some of the top apps, recommended by the team here at Mubaloo, on our Twitter feed (if you’re not following us, you can here). As a company that is obsessed with how mobile can help to improve the way we work, we try to test as many apps as possible to understand whether they have the potential to make life easier.

Here are some of our top picks:


Trello (iOS, Web, Android, Amazon)
Trello iOS app

This multi-platform application allows you to manage your entire life. Over the past year, Trello has become one of the most used apps at Mubaloo. We use it to keep abreast of project updates and has helped to drive further efficiencies within the team.

Duet Display App (iOS only)

Duet Display app
Duet Display allows you to plug your iPad into your Mac or Windows computer via USB, turning the iPad into a secondary display. Whilst other apps, such as AirDisplay, deliver similar functionality, the fact that Duet does this with a direct connection means that you not only charge your iPad, but that there is virtually no latency at all. Here at Mubaloo, we’re all about productivity. The ability to have two displays wherever you are, especially if one of those displays is the iPad Pro, means you can get more work done.

Scannable by Evernote (iOS only)

Scannable app

Simply put, Scannable is the easiest way to scan contracts, receipts, business cards and any paper using your camera, wherever you are. Scannable is able to intelligently pull information directly from the scan and save contact information to your phone. The app also features useful sharing tools to enable users to send to other people, or share them into apps such as Notes, Google Drive, Slack, Outlook and many more.

PDF Expert (OSX, iOS)
pdf expert app
One of our Digital Director’s personal recommendations, PDF Expert empowers anyone who might need to read, annotate or edit PDF documents on the move. Available for smartphones and tablets, this app allows you to markup documents with highlights and handwriting, insert text, sign and even merge documents.

Paper by FiftyThree (iOS only)

paper 53

Capture your ideas quickly and easily with Paper by FiftyThree. Paper was our favourite sketching app. Last year, saw the introduction of some new tricks and functionality, turning it into a note taking, sketching and general place to store your thoughts app. This sketching app now allows you to create checklists, spotlight details in photos and bring them together to keep your ideas all in one place.

Charlie (iOS only)

charlie app

There have been some apps that have tried this before, but Charlie appears to have perfected the art. The app uses information from different sources to bring you the information you need about the people you are meeting. This app pulls up basic facts, people you know in common and professional background information to make your meeting run as smoothly as possible.

IF by IFTTT (iOS, Android)
IF app

Short for ‘If This Then That’, this app builds on the idea of Scripts that have been used by many advanced computer users for some time. The app provides ‘recipes’ that you can use to automate actions on your device. For example, the app is able to use your location information and automatically create a spreadsheet of when you arrive and leave work. It’s all designed around automating certain processes or actions to make your life easier.

MIndly (iOS, Android)
mindly app


We love this app. It’s very simple to use and the best way to create mind maps on a mobile device. Mindly gives structure to your thoughts, capture ideas, plan presentations and take notes, all in one user friendly app. Perfect for visual people to eliminate unnecessary clutter and help you focus on your thoughts and concepts.


RetireMe from Equiniti (iOS only)
Equiniti RetireME app

With this user friendly income drawdown modeller app from Equiniti, users can estimate how long your pension fund will last. The estimate is based upon your selected annual income or the estimated annual income you might receive, over your selected drawdown period, to allow you to manage your pension more effectively.

TransferWise (iOS, Android)
TransferWise app

Making bank transfers overseas can often be a pain and fees can start to add up. Quickly and securely send money to over 30 countries worldwide, using real currency exchange rates, at low costs, with TransferWise. TransferWise also allows you to avoid hidden bank charges when transferring money abroad.

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