Last week, we put together a list of productivity and financial apps which have the potential to make our lives easier. This week, we wanted to share our remaining 14 recommendations, covering communication, calendar, utilities, education, news, media and gaming:


Slack (iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Web)

Slack app

According to Okta’s 2015 Business at work reports, the use of Slack in the workplace grew 667% last year. For internal communication purposes the Mubaloo team made the switch from Skype to Slack last year. Slack provides us, and many companies, with an easy avenue for collaboration and communication across different teams and projects, minimising the use of email. With Slack integration with other tools via the Slack App directory, such as Lucidchart, Foursquare and InVision, our favourite collaboration tool goes from strength to strength.

Moxtra (iOS, Android, Desktop)

Moxtra app

Moxtra, to date, has announced 30 integrations with other apps and services. Moxtra is a collaboration tool – where Slack meets Salesforce. Moxtra enables users to work more effectively and improve teamwork. The idea is to enable teams across an organisation to move effortlessly between messaging, content collaboration, screen sharing, whiteboarding and real-time meetings, both 1:1 and in groups, as your needs change throughout the day. Moxtra was named as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Social Software and Collaboration in April 2015.


iAgenda (iOS only)

iAgenda app

Using Gantt charts, the iAgenda app lets you schedule and move events, meetings, travel with the touch of a finger. Now optimised for the iPad Pro, schedules can be shared as image, PDF and Microsoft Excel files across different teams and devices.

Sunrise (iOS, Android, OSX and Web)

sunrise_calendar_hero app

What makes Sunrise different from the other third party calendars is the ability to connect with a large variety of social apps. Integrating with apps such as Facebook, Evernote, Foursquare, Todoist and Trello, Sunrise can gather a more comprehensive idea about what your day, week or month looks like. Sunrise also includes a customer keyboard called Meet, which lets you schedule meetings from any messaging app and share them without leaving the app you’re in. With the app being fully integrated with the Microsoft Outlook app soon, we are expecting great things.


Swytch (iOS, Android)

swytch app

BYOD has been great, but it does raise an important issue – how do you separate your personal number from your work number and ensure you can switch off at the weekend? Buying a phone that can take two SIM cards is certainly an option; but it’s hardly ideal. Having a second phone doesn’t solve the issue. Swytch is one of a number of growing services that gives you access to additional numbers, without having to change your SIM, network operator or use a second device. What’s more, Swytch helps you avoid international call rates when calling from abroad and doesn’t charge you a penny for incoming calls.

Powered Now (iOS, Android)

Powered-Now app

Powered Now is an app designed for small businesses, tradesmen, contractors and self employed professionals to easily manage invoicing. The app makes it easy to create and send invoices, quotes and estimates from your device and have your documents securely stored in the cloud. Customers can also sign invoices through the app, helping to remove the need for paper altogether.


Powermat (iOS, Android)

Powermat app

If you’ve been into one of the fancy new Starbucks recently, you may have noticed some strange rings on the tables. These rings can be plugged into your phone, allowing you to wirelessly charge it. With a few devices, such as the Samsung S6 featuring wireless charging, the technology is set to become big news this year. The Powermat app is able to notify you when your battery is low and direct you to the nearest Powermat spot, based on your location for wireless charging. The app also features real-time navigation, which admittedly, probably isn’t going to help with your low power – but still, it’s a nifty way to find your nearest Starbucks and get some much needed charge.

Waze (iOS, Android)

Waze app

If you use Google Maps for navigation, then you benefit from Waze. Waze essentially turns your car into an IoT device for traffic detection and route planning. The app is made up of a community of users who share real time traffic and road information. When Google bought Waze a few years ago, it made the smart move of integrating its data into its map system, delivering intelligence in real-time about routes that may be faster to take.

Dark Sky (iOS only)

Dark sky app

The basic premise of Dark Sky, when it first came out was to tell you, at a hyper-location, when it was going to rain in your location and for how long. The distinct advantage of this is clear to anyone who has ever stepped outside, only to find the heavens open up on them. Now, Dark Sky uses algorithms and hyper-local weather data to deliver customised notifications about the weather. It’s one of the best iOS weather apps on the market and recently introduced support for Apple Watch.


RefMe (iOS, Android)


Referencing publications has always been a time consuming task – especially if you are a student or writing reports. RefMe, has been created to help solve this and was one of Apple’s editor’s choice for 2015. The app makes it easy to scan a book or journal barcode, using your phone’s camera to generate references immediately. Now used by 500,000 users, this app is helping transform education.


The Economist Espresso (iOS, Android)

economist espresso app

Building on the idea of Summly, which became Yahoo News, The Economist Espresso is an app designed for time starved people. It’s no irony that as technology grows it means we can access more information and be more efficient than ever with our time becoming more precious. The Economist Espresso is made for people who need to get through their inbox before they get into the office, whilst still being updated on the latest global news.


Stockimo by Alamy (iOS only)

stockimo app

Built by Mubaloo for Alamy, Stockimo enables people to make money out of their photos. The app, which launched in 2013, has been a huge success for Alamy, as demand for mobile photography has increased from publishers, businesses and the news industry.

Adobe Clip (iOS, Android)


Car Name Game (iOS only)

car name game app

Mentioned as an example of using gamification to engage users in Gartner’s ‘Six mobile concepts to transform your business’, AutoCar’s Car Name Game app is a simple game to guess the right car, from a snippet of an image. Built by Mubaloo in 2014, we still enjoy playing this game at Mubaloo.

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