Mubaloo’s London MD, Sarah Weller, was invited to speak at Wednesday’s ‘5G Huddle – Towards a global 5G vision.’ The conference was two days of interactive discussion that brought together senior industry and government leaders from North America, Europe and Asia.

The common belief of 5G’s potential capabilities were largely unanimous, but steering away from the obvious benefits like faster Internet, Weller chose to focus on one key point: what will this technology mean for user experience? To begin, Weller took us back to 2009 and commented on how much we were able to accomplish in our sandbox – a sandbox is a security mechanism for separating running programs.

“We used to have a nice sandbox. You could do so much – GPS, camera integration etc. but you had to stay in your box. iOS for example. Now we’re in a position of working on a beach, not in a sandbox. There are still walls but they are much lower and we’re able to do so much more with the devices and operating systems we have. This is a key milestone”

Peering into the future of 5G technologies, it becomes apparent that the technology is already here. It’s our systems that need to catch up.

“Technology is often not the problem, we have so many enhancements, it is the network and battery and cloud that has needed to catch up to enable us to utilise this for the best user experience. Companies will often not tell you what’s coming, but they will tell you how to prepare.”

Focusing on the benefits 5G will have on the digital personal assistant, Weller said, “So what does 5G mean for the digital PA? It means information at our fingertips without us searching, it changes our behaviour and makes us reliant on technology but in a whole new way.”

Cisco predicts there will be an estimated 50 billion connected devices by 2020 and Weller believes that these devices will know what we want and need before we ourselves know.

“Does my alarm need to be 5 minutes earlier because of tube issues? Your digital PA won’t sleep. 

Is my temperature and heart rate meaning a doctor’s appointment needs to be booked?

Break when there is an accident right in front of you!

Do I need to reroute?

Predictive maintenance knowing when a system will fail and telling us in advance.

Is the heating on when I normally have a shower?

It’s about efficiency and reliability

It’s about increasing context and decreasing content. What do I need and when do I need it.

Personalisation of what we need, when we need it, regardless of our location.”

Weller believes that focusing on what we know about 4G and applying that to what we think 5G will offer is a great oversight. 5G will change the game completely. People are busy and they have no time. We want personalised experiences from our digital devices. 5G will offer us this and more. It has the potential to change our behaviour and will make us more reliant on technology than ever before.

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