With the Internet of Things at the top of the list for every major technology company around the World, Daniel Baker, Mobile Strategy Analyst here at Mubaloo, looks into what this space will look like in 2015. Here, Dan investigates the key trends you really should know about.

According the the Oxford Dictionary, a smart home is a “home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by a smartphone or computer”. Home automation used to be something of a science fiction concept, as we can see from Microsoft’s amusing 90s vision of the smart home in the video below. But now that technology has advanced, home automation is actually happening.

We can now control our TVs and set-top boxes from our phones or tablets, view energy usage through smart thermostats such as Nest or BT’s Hive, control our lights thanks to Philips’ range of colour changing light bulbs, view security cameras from our phones and even unlock our doors with our NFC and Bluetooth enabled phones. Apps are at the centre of helping to control our homes, allowing us and our homes to be smarter and better connected, so let’s take a look at the state of the smart home in 2015.

Read the full article by Daniel Baker, Mobile Strategy Analyst, on LifeHacker here.

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