“Growth in adoption of existing mobile devices and apps alone would be transformative, but coupled with ongoing innovation it is revolutionary. Mobile, apps, wireless connectivity and cloud is the latest wave of information and communications technology, and is extending the reach of connected computing to new users and new areas, from home heating to car sharing” according to Plum Consulting’s recent research report ‘A policy toolkit for the app economy’.

Plum Consulting has been evaluating the app economy in Europe, to explore the impact of mobile across industries in the market. In Ed Vaizley’s UK Digital Strategy letter, the Digital Single Market in Europe is said to be worth an estimated €415 billion, with the app economy key to driving this growth.

Plum Consulting spoke to Juan Pablo Luchetti, Mubaloo’s Consultancy Director, to discuss the development of the enterprise app market and the work that Mubaloo has done in helping mobilise the enterprise.

For more, read ‘A policy toolkit for the app economy – where online meets offline’.

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