In just a few hours, we’ll find out more information about Apple Watch.

One bit of information that was recently released however, indicates one method that will help Apple to sell a large number of the devices – owners of the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S.

These are people who are months, or a even couple of years away from upgrading their device to one that features Apple Pay.

Though it’s only currently available in the States, and shortly Canada, Apple Pay has taken the mobile payments world by storm. It’s also a feature that many people may feel they want, if they own the 5, 5C or 5S.

This is where Apple opens up the market and reach of Apple Watch for people who haven’t yet upgraded.

By entering their password whenever they put Apple Watch on their wrist, users with the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S will be able to make real-world mobile payments with the tap of their wrist. This means that they get the ability to use Apple Pay, even if they have an older device.

With a starting price of $349 (UK price to be confirmed), Apple Watch is a way to get the benefits of Apple Pay. It will also make payments much easier as users never have to get their phone out to authorise payments, once it’s authenticated with their phone.

For many people, this will make Apple Watch a highly tempting device. Not only will it help to give them that functionality, but crucially for Apple, also means that anyone who buys Apple Watch for that reason is likely to remain within Apple’s ecosystem.

By Robert Haslam, PR Manager

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