Yesterday at Apple’s Spring Forward event, the company finally unveiled just how much Apple Watch will cost; £299 for the Sport, to an eye watering £12,000 for the Edition, but more on that later.

Though many expected the event to be dedicated to Apple Watch, it was actually the new MacBook that stole the show in many ways.

Apple has defied the state of the computer market. Over the past decade, the Mac has outgrown the industry every year. In the last year alone, Mac sales grew by 20%, whilst the rest of the industry shrank by 2%.

It seems that virtually everywhere you go now, you see the iconic MacBook design. With its new MacBook, fitting between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, Apple’s latest computer is a truly mobile computer. Apple discussed how it has taken learnings from the iPhone and iPad to create a computer that weighs just two pounds and, at its thickest, measures 13.1mm.

The new MacBook features brand new technology to create a thinner, more precise keyboard and a new trackpad, which features some of the technology found in the Apple Watch. In addition, Apple has made its logic board 67% smaller than the current Air and fan-less, making it a silent laptop. For such a small computer to feature a Retina Display is truly impressive.

What is significant is the way in which Apple has created its software to work across devices. As we’ve discussed before, Continuity and HandOff enables users to move from one device to another seamlessly. It’s all designed to help save time and make it easy to carry on working as you move from phone, to iPad, to MacBook (or even the Apple Watch for some apps.)

New Apple MacBook

With a 12” display, the new MacBook has a screen that’s just about the right size for portability and productivity, it’s a truly mobile laptop.

This is a computer for people who want to be productive on the move. It’s not meant to be as powerful as a MacBook Pro, or even the MacBook Air. It’s going to be the perfect tool for people who are constantly on the move, who need to write, run presentations or want to do relatively simple photo or video editing.

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