In a not so surprising piece of news it has been revealed that Apple has crossed its arms and put on its pouty face as someone else has been using its favourite toy, the ‘app store’ name. The roguish scamp is Amazon and in a complaint filed March 18 it is being sued by Apple for copyright infringement.

With Amazon’s app store poised to open today many are speculating that the next move for Amazon would be to make their own Android tablet. It has also been said that if such a thing were to happen the might of Amazon may be the only one to challenge Apple in the tablet wars. For the time being the app store will just be good news for existing Android tablet owners and an early leak of the storefront has already shown that there will be quite a few apps which undercut the Android app store’s prices.

If Apple had created a completely original or less generic name (like app bucket? Nah maybe not) rather than just put ‘store’ in front of ‘app’ it might be understandable but this jealous behaviour is just plain embarrasing to watch.

I’m imaging the thought process went something like this… Amazon’s opening an app store, app store is clearly going to be a success, they may even make a tablet, oh noez! Wah wah wah I’m calling my lawyers I just need to find my excuses app first… and so on.

Apple says Amazon’s use of ‘appstore’ compared to its ‘app store’ is wrong wrong wrong because it might confuse people, these people of course must be as infantile as Apple itself. It’s like saying people would get confused about which supermarket they were in if they went to the one they shop at all the time but didn’t read the sign at the front of the store. Am I in Tesco’s? Am I in Sainsbury’s? It’s just impossible to tell.

I’m pretty sure no matter what mobile OS you’re referring to you’ll have called its app store an app store at least once whether its a marketplace or just a plain store without the thought of an iPad or iPhone popping once into your head.

Only time will tell what the result of it all will be but until then if you’re an Amazon fan it looks like today’s the day that the ribbon is going to be cut on its Appstore and it will be stocking its very own version of the popular Angry Birds app to mark the occasion.

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