As you may have seen, this afternoon Apple unveiled the launch of iTunes U at their educational conference in New York. The iTunes U app, which is available for free on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, will enable students around the world to access a whole library of free educational material, including entire courses from some of the world’s most prestigious Universities.

Apple are re-inventing the textbook with the interactive iBook 2. The new publishing platform brings together various resources to enable students to view video content, images, PDF documents and even make notes all in one organised app.

With a price cap of $14.99, and major educational publishers already signed up, Apple are targeting both sides of the spectrum – an attractive offering to students and an easy way for publishers to create new interactive textbooks!

Our favourite sources for the latest information include Fortune Tech and AppleInsider . Or to find out all the details, watch the whole keynote presentation here.

Eager as ever, here at Mubaloo we thought we would take a look for ourselves! Below are some iPad screenshots of a Chemistry course, Core Concepts in Chemistry, available for free through iTunes U.

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