What is an AR portal?

Simply put, it allows you to walk into another world in Augmented Reality (AR). AR is… // AR portals is… through your camera on your screen, it allows you to place a portal in the shape of a door or window. Which when you walk through gives you a completely different experience. This can either be made up of an array of 360 degrees CGI or even live videos and images.

Surprisingly, quite a few concepts are currently out there. They’re breathtaking! I have added a few examples of AR portals below which have been used by a range of businesses as diverse as advertising, entertainment and social media.



Lufthansa — New York & Hong Kong AR Portal

This is by far my favourite experience! This concept successfully translates what has been seen as a gimmicky technology into a viable commercial proposition. It has been created by Zappar for Lufthansa to show users a great selection of travel opportunities. By immersing their customers in a selection of exotic locations the airline hope to translate excitement into ticket sales, even incorporating opportunities to purchase package holidays within the experience itself.


5th Wall Agency’s — “Portal” To Football Stadium Benfica v Porto Demo

I am not a 100% sure how feasible this concept is in the real world, especially in a live scenario. Imagine the excitement of being able to watch or interact with a current event and have the capability to feel fully immersed in it!


Pixelcase — AR features of Facebook

To me, this concept feels like Google Maps on steroids! I cannot wait for these AR experiences to be used successfully on social media platforms in the near future.


What’s next? Areas I would love to investigate:

  • Experiences to be implemented/integrated easily into other mainstream apps, removing the need to download AR specific applications. FacebookAR is currently leading this in the social media sector and already has a dev platform.
  • I cannot wait for the day this can be done through mixed reality glasses, such as the Google lens or Microsoft’s HoloLens.
  • iOS now has the persisted AR experiences, so we may see a range of portals allowing multiple users to be in the same experience simultaneously. They will even be able to leave the experience and return at a later date.



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