When loading certain news sites on a mobile phone today, it’s quite easy to see what drives people to use ad blockers. Even with a fast 4G connection, sites can be slow to load, full screen adverts take over the screen and what is usually a fluid scroll, turns into a jumpy mess.

Even when you try hard to avoid clicking on ads, often you find your phone going through browser acrobatics, jumping into new windows and behaving like an excited puppy, but without the cute factor.

With Mubaloo Innovation Lab’s work on the MiBeacons’s Platform, Mike Crooks, Head of Innovation, spoke to Smart Chimp on the importance of Beacons in mobile advertising.

As we wrote in our ‘Beacon technology in retail’ white paper last year, many retailers are wondering how to best implement beacon technology and advertising is just the beginning. Once retailers have this under wraps, the next few steps can ensure marketers do not ‘mess it up’ as Mike Crooks explains:

“Mobile advertising is one of the most important things for the industry to not mess up, yet the industry is currently doing quite a good job of it. It’s a mammoth task to try to fix; it was recently revealed that Google has a team of over 1,000 people tasked with trying to weed out adverts that don’t meet their rules. For a company that has built its fortunes around advertising, it shows how dire the situation has become.”

There is of course huge potential for the technology for marketers and advertisers, but as we’ve seen with mobile web advertising, it’s vital that the user experience is carefully considered to ensure Bluetooth is kept on.

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