This week, Mubaloo’s consultancy director, JP Luchetti, joined the Life in Mobile Enterprise podcast to debate with Robert Lacis, senior director of customer success at Apperian, about sourcing enterprise apps. The discussion followed on from the last LiME podcast JP featured on, which discussed how to win support for apps.

During the podcast, the two debated:

  • How to get started
  • The wrong way to go about sourcing enterprise apps
  • Crowdsourcing app ideas
  • Understanding your users’ needs
  • How to build momentum for enterprise mobile apps

Over the years, various companies have tried different tactics to create apps, from the very early days of ‘we need an app’ – which tended to result in failure; to crowdsourced ideas – which can lead to issues and create more problems than they solve and of course lastly, taking a user centric strategic approach.

A major challenge that any company faces when launching an app, whether it is for an internal or external audience, is building momentum and an engaged user base. JP and Robert discussed various ways to build momentum and an engaged user base during the conversation, bringing in their experience from over the past few years of working in this space.

To listen to the podcast, you can stream it from Soundcloud below, or alternatively, you can subscribe to it here on iTunes, or listen to it directly from the Podcast app below.

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