Famed for its security and efficiency, Blackberry had always appealed strongly to the enterprise market. With its new Blackberry Passport will it once again be revered by business?

As a work phone, it appears to deliver everything that one might want. Indeed, for people who want to have the separation of a work device and personal device, BlackBerry might be onto a winner.

A phone with a square screen appears to be designed for one thing, and one particularly – spreadsheets. This isn’t a phone you would necessarily pick up to play games, watch films, read books or check football scores. It’s the phone you’d pick up for going through your work emails, checking work documents and speaking to work colleagues. The keyboard has some interesting tricks up its sleeve, such as including gesture-based interaction for navigating through text, or to be used as a joystick to navigate around the screen.

Part of the challenge BlackBerry faces however, is that many businesses have started to increasingly shift to iOS, Windows Phone (and tablet) and Android. BlackBerry still has strongholds in highly regulated industries and it has strong links to the enterprise generally, but it faces an uphill struggle to claim back market share.

By taking an approach that is so wildly different, it remains to be seen as to whether the Passport will appeal to broader business users. Is there space for this one square screen in a world where computer monitors, tablets, mobile phones, TVs, projectors and virtually any other screen is rectangular, remains to be seen.

By Mubaloo’s PR Manager, Robert Haslam


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