5.5 inches is a big screen for a phone. It’s a very big screen that I don’t actually need or want. As a user who uses my phone throughout the day for everything. It’s rare that my phone is out of my hand. As a result, over the past five years, I’ve become accustomed to carrying a spare cable with me virtually everywhere I go. I’ve had nightmares about my phone running out of juice just at the point I need it. I’ve become a charger junkie.

It was for this reason that I bought a phone with a 5.5 inch screen that I neither wanted nor felt I needed. One key reason for this is that the iPhone 6 Plus has virtually double the battery life of the iPhone 6. Whilst the iPhone 6 may be much better battery life than the 5 or 5S, it’s still no contender compared with its larger twin, so the 6 Plus was the only iPhone for me.

Once that was out of the way, I started thinking about the size. Yes, 5.5 inches is big for a phone, but ever since the iPad first came out, I’ve become accustomed to going virtually everywhere with a bag to carry my 9.7 inch iPad. Going from the iPad, to the iPad 2 and last year to the iPad Air, it’s become my constant sidekick for watching Netflix, Video Podcasts, reading books, reading magazines, newspapers and doing work on the move.

Here’s the thing about getting an iPhone 6 Plus, I realise that I won’t need to take my iPad everywhere I go. It’s the happy middle whilst I’m out and about. I won’t feel at a loss from trying to read news or books on my iPhone anymore, if I’ve had to leave my iPad at home.

I’ve even chosen a case that helps with the ways I envisage using the device. The case has the ability to hold the device at an angle, making it easier to type and use on a flat surface.

As someone who has to read and write about apps and technology all day, having that larger screen means I can do more on the move – without the constant addition of the iPad. The bigger keyboard will make typing and editing documents easier than they possibly ever could be on my current 5. In fact, it will be easier than on the 6 thanks to the additional on-screen buttons.

One handed use won’t be as easy, sure, but it’s a compromise I’m willing to make for the improved battery life. And then there’s the improvements to the camera. At the moment, if I want to take really good photos, I take my Sony DSLR camera with me. With the 6 Plus, I won’t need to carry that around as much either.

I will have to choose my trousers carefully from now on. The thing is, I already make compromises to facilitate my technology addiction. I carry a bag to carry my iPad. I carry cables to ensure I don’t run out of juice midday. I turn off data, or put my phone into flight mode when I think it’s at risk of running low on juice.

So whilst I didn’t initially feel that I needed or wanted a 5.5 inch screen, I quickly came to appreciate the use cases that provide more overall benefit to me. What I need now is for developers to create compelling use cases for why that size screen is better than a smaller one. I need designers to think about what the extra real-estate means. It just so happens, that I work in the best place possible to see the fruits of this, and can test new apps on my beautiful new phone.

The reason for writing this post is that I’m sure that many other people have taken a similar thought process. I’m not opting for the iPhone 6 Plus because it’s the best and most expensive iPhone available. I’m opting for it because it has enough battery life to suit my heavy usage and a screen that means I don’t need two devices with me everywhere I go.

By Robert Haslam, PR Manager

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