Over the weekend, thirty computer science students from the University of Bristol took part in a competition to develop an app within 28 hours. At 9am Saturday 10th March, seven teams of students started work coding their own applications. By Sunday afternoon, all seven teams of students were able to present live applications that they had developed.

Presentations took place Sunday afternoon to determine the winners. The People’s choice award was given to ‘Location Settings.’ Location Settings is an Android app that enables people to assign to-dos to locations so that when you are in the vicinity you receive a reminder. For example, if you put in the location details of where Sainsbury’s is into your map and also add into your to-do list that you need to buy milk, when you are near Sainsbury’s a pop up will remind you to buy milk.

Judges Choice award, as decided by Mubaloo CEO Mark Mason and the University of Bristol Head of Department Ian Hoyler, went to Lifebook. Lifebook uses the Facebook API and enables users to create collages of photos from their Facebook photos through various tags. Photos can be filtered based on albums and friends and the generated collages can then be uploaded to Facebook or saved onto a users phone.

Well done to all of the CSS Bristol students who took part in the Mubaloo Appathon! The quality of the apps delivered is exceptional, especially when you consider the majority of the students had never developed an app before. We are really impressed with what the students have all achieved in 28 hours.

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