With Apple Watch pre-orders opening last week, the media has started to ramp up its coverage of the device. Mubaloo’s head of iOS, Olly Berry spoke with Stuff Magazine’s Editorial Director, Mark Payton about the potential for Apple Watch to transform healthcare.

The Apple Watch, along with many other wearables, have the potential to transform the healthcare industry. In some cases, wearables are already being used to great effect.

However, with the amount of personal data available through these devices, the issue of privacy needs to be addressed. This is part of what Olly addresses with Mark in the article, focused around six apps that people should look at and how Apple is addressing privacy concerns. You can read the full article here.

Outside of HealthKit, which Olly discusses in the article, Apple recently announced ResearchKit, to help researchers get better and more consistent information from a wider range of patients across the world. Apple is increasingly focusing on the transformative effect that our devices can have on our health. Just this week, IBM announced a new partnership with Apple focused around healthcare, helping patients to opt in to sending their data to approved parties, such as their insurers, doctors or other healthcare providers.

It was also recently revealed that Apple has a special R&D area where it has been testing the Watch to ensure it is able to accurately track fitness. Apple is pushing the fitness side of Apple Watch even further through a series of blogs with supermodel, Christy Turlington Burns, as she trains for the London Marathon.

With Apple having sold a reported one million devices on its opening day, and 3.2 million since the device went on pre-sale, it appears that the Watch is off to a good start.

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