CES is the world biggest event for consumer tech, but in such a massive event it’s always hard to cut through the noise and focus on what matters. That’s why we thought to write this short CES roundup focusing on what matters and highlighting some significant tech trends that surfaced in this year’s CES 2018.

Smart Assistants: CES was the prime battlefield of the smart assistant showdown, both Google and Amazon are locked in a bitter battle to control this emerging market which will control how we interact with the world in the future.

They both announced a flurry of new Alexa/Google enabled products ensuring that they will expand through every possible device in our lives.

AR: Don’t expect wild new worlds, this year, it’s small changes that matter. Small but significant improvements in augmented reality will pave the way in 2018 from in-car HUD and even smaller displays this technology is trying to get out of the hype curve and assert itself as a useful and practical technology.

AI-in everything: AI, unsurprisingly, was everywhere at CES, and many trends on this list fall into that vein. This will be the year of “smarter” everything—smarter products, smarter vehicles, smarter processes, smarter consumer goods, smarter tech solutions, and even smarter cities. This year will be critical for companies to gear up for AI to reap its benefits more efficiently.

5G Technology: With blazing fast speeds and high computing power, 5G tech is poised to change the world—and I don’t say that lightly. Why? The IoT wouldn’t be where it is without the support and speed of 5G, which promise multigigabit download speeds. And that’s just the beginning.

Smarter Cars: Digital transformation touches the automotive industry, too. And no, I’m not just talking about self-driving cars—although those are worth discussing, too. This year, look for tech advances that improve the driving experience—everything from pricey add-on dashboard companions that include mobile app integration and internal/external cameras to less-expensive options that integrate Alexa into vehicles and allow users to quickly schedule, shop, and hear music upon command.

Mobile: The first-ever in-screen fingerprint reader, seen on a Vivo phone, is poised to change handset design in 2018 also wireless charging took charge with Powermat technology that could double wireless charging speeds.

Hoped you liked our short CES 2018 roundup, it will be interesting to see how these technologies will develop in the future and the ones that will fail to deliver. 2018 promises to be a year where we will see a broad spectrum of tech com into flourishment and that’s precisely what we’ve seen at CES.

If you want to read a full summary of everything that happened head down to Cnet for all the details of CES 2018.

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