There is a lot of expectation about the potential impact bots will have on our lives. Every major technology company, along with some promising innovators, are fiercely working on their own Artificial Intelligence (AI) offering in the race to become leaders, in what has the potential to become the future of technology. Bots are set to transform the way we use mobile devices, but, more broadly than that, bots could become the most expedient way for people to interact with technology in the future.

With these developments, ITPro spoke to Mubaloo Innovation Lab’s Mike Crooks about ‘How chatbots can help your business’.

Mike shared his insights and discussed how it’s understandable that chatbots are beginning to take over; consumers are using technology more than ever, so to communicate with intelligent systems makes sense. They also introduce new ways of working for businesses.

“With the consumerisation of IT, where consumers comfortably use technology like smartphones, there is the expectation of intuitive experiences and simple to use interfaces — which is not reflected in the technology solutions these consumers use at work. Bots present a fundamental step in the evolution of tech user experience and could help drive advancements in this area in the enterprise,”

“The opportunity for enterprise bots is vast, as is the potential for the technology to gain mass adoption at a faster pace than we are seeing in the consumer market. Bots will help streamline operations, automate tasks and eventually start using cognitive learning to transform the business decisions we make, the speed at which work can be delivered and possibly the very nature of our jobs.”

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