First it was IBM, now it’s Cisco. Apple this week announced that it has partnered with Cisco to create a fast lane for iOS business users on Cisco’s network infrastructure. This partnership will help to give further credence for IT leaders to deploy iOS in enterprise.

With a large amount of our work already focused around iOS and a partnership with Cisco, Mubaloo sees this as an important step forward to further push iOS deeper into enterprise.

At the crux of the partnership, Cisco networks and iOS devices will be optimised to work together more efficiently and to provide users with improved performance. As one example of this, Apple and Cisco are working to make the iPhone a better collaboration tool in Cisco voice and video environments, to create a seamless experience.

There’s good reason behind this partnership too, nearly every Fortune 500 and Global 500 company has either deployed or supports iPhone and iPad in the work place. iOS is the trusted enterprise device that enables companies to drive huge efficiencies with both bespoke apps and off-the-shelf apps.

With Apple’s support, Cisco will deliver experiences specially optimised for iOS across mobile, cloud and premises-based collaboration tools.This will include Cisco Spark, Cisco Telepresence and Cisco WebEx, to deliver seamless team collaboration and reinvent the meeting experience.

With new Apple products incoming, the company is ensuring that it is strengthening the foundations that companies need for mobility.

We’re excited to see what can be achieved and look forward to working with Cisco as one of its partners to deliver apps to even more enterprise customers.

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