CBR published a summary listing the most important AI predictions for 2017, featuring voices from thought leaders across the technology industry. Among the predictions included were those relating to AI-as-a-Service and AI-enabled security innovations.

Mubaloo’s CTO Mark Stewart predicts that 2017 will be ‘The year that AI runs your life’, explaining  that “the most exciting prediction for AI in 2017 will be the rise of AI-enabled assistants that not only action commands, but actually run your life for you. Although today, assistants can order a taxi, check the weather report and play a requested piece of music, the user has to request them to do so, essentially operating the device himself. In future, AI-enabled assistants will be proactive, not reactive, adding a new layer of sophistication to your experience with them.”

To learn more about AI predictions for 2017, read the full CBR article here.

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