Today, Monty Munford from The Telegraph wrote about the app we created for London’s Air Ambulance.

We’re happy to report that The Telegraph has written about the life-saving dispatch app we created through our EE Customised Apps partnership, for London’s Air Ambulance.

In the article, Monty Munford shares his story of being hit by a car on his motorbike. Though fortunately he didn’t require London’s Air Ambulance, it’s a common occurrence where, had it been more severe, the team may have been dispatched.

For people who do require urgent care, time is the critical factor – anything that helps save time, helps to save lives. As the app saves two minutes off London’s Air Ambulance dispatch process, this is one example of taking an innovative approach to make process improvements.

Click here to read Monty’s article discussing the app.

To gain a better understanding of LAA’s dispatch app watch this two minute video.


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