Today at Gartner Symposium, Richard M Marshall, Research Director at Gartner, provided further insight into recent Gartner research revealing that by 2017, market demand for mobile app development will outstrip supply. In his session, titled ‘Mobile App Development: Scale or Fail’, Marshall revealed that demand will grow at least five times faster than internal IT capacity.

Already, we are seeing an increased demand for enterprise mobile apps, as more companies come to the realisation that if they aren’t mobile, they are at risk of falling behind and failing. According to Marshall, enterprise app usage is just starting to rise in prominence and acceptance from companies.

Given that Microsoft and Apple are now both fiercely targeting the enterprise market with mobile enablement, we see this is evident everywhere that we look and in many of the conversations that we have.

Marshall highlighted that core, no compromise, apps should be built natively.

When talking about apps which are core to operations, it is essential that the apps deliver the best possible user experience, highest levels of security and are able to utilise device features. We’re seeing that the debate about the best approach to app development becoming less important, especially when the app is core to operations.

As mobile platforms become more intelligent, native apps will be able to integrate more with the platform and thus deliver a new type of user experience. Gartner calls this ‘post-app’, as it is about the experience that happens outside of the app. This is an experience that just won’t be possible with apps that aren’t natively built for the OS, as data needs to be readily accessible and apps need to be able to talk to the OS to deliver features outside of apps.

Marshall also reinforced the importance of adopting a bimodal approach for scale and a company culture that supports innovation. Check out the video from JP Luchetti, Mubaloo’s consultancy director below.

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