Day three at Gartner Symposium ITxpo has been focused around the idea of using technology to enable the user; having a human centric approach to innovation strategy.

In one of the first sessions of the morning, Microsoft took to the stage with a session titled ‘Empowering Business’.

With a user first approach replacing technology first, companies need to build in an agile manner to adapt to the environment and needs of the user.

When thinking about enterprise apps, companies and their CIOs need to consider the employee and work with them to understand how IT can help to make processes more efficient.

From a consumer perspective, to provide a user centric approach, data is at the heart of understanding your users and customers. In retail, this does not mean the end of ‘brick and mortar’ stores, but using IT to enhance a customer’s in-store experience.

Companies need to think less about digital marketing but becoming a digital business where they are using mobile and beacon technology to provide the end user with contextual relevance.

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