When was the last time you used your landline phone? Was it a call from your mum, or maybe a sales call? Do you even still have a landline?
This morning, I was asked to join John Darvall at BBC Radio Bristol to reflect on the death of the landline.
With more people than ever preferring to use their mobile devices, discussion centred on the relevance of landlines in our lives today.
This reflects one of the major shifts in human behaviour in recent years. We can now multi-task like never before. Both the digitisation & mobilisation of communication help us keep in constant contact, whilst simultaneously completing actions.
This ability to multi-task is great for time saving, but threatening our ability to give anything, or anyone our undivided attention.
Who can deny there’s something quite quaint & authentic about cosying up in an armchair at home, completely focused on speaking to someone you care for? Perhaps it has it’s place, or maybe we just need a little self discipline to focus on quality conversations.
The role of phone versus apps
The trick is in identifying where mobile apps really add value. Self service apps  help to reduce the amount of time we spend on hold to call centres, allowing us to manage our lives better. An example of this is an app Mubaloo produced for the mobile operator, Eircom. The MyEircom app now handles around a quarter of all customer service activities – a win win situation for both the business and the end user.
Meanwhile, in our working lives, more of us are working flexible hours in hot desk environments – the mobilisation of workforces is making this a reality. Businesses and employees can all benefit from the efficiencies, where we have the ability to stay informed, collaborate & complete tasks on the move.
So for many of us, mobile enablement really does mean the death of the landline. However, we have a responsibility both to ourselves & others to prioritise the important stuff & know when something deserves our complete attention.
(Written on the move, whilst picking up a sarni & answering two work calls)
To listen to the show, click here and skip to 01:47:00 and hear me talk for 10 minutes about this topic.
Gemma Coles, Director of Mobile Strategy, Mubaloo

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