A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about 4G coming to the UK with the help of EE’s 4G LTE network, which has now been announced.

We speculated which devices might be 4G-enabled and, along with the EE launch, a few devices have now been confirmed. These devices include the new Nokia Lumias (920 & 820), the Galaxy S3 and the already confirmed HTC One XL.
We didn’t know whether Apple would add 4G LTE support to the iPhone 5 but during yesterday’s keynote Apple revealed that it has indeed been added. So what does this mean for the users? As we mentioned in our original 4G blog post, the UK will have three 4G frequencies (800MHz, 1800MHz & 2600MHz). The iPhone 5 supports the 1800MHz frequency, the same frequency that EE bought, meaning you will need to be on EE’s network for the foreseeable future in order to access 4G on your iPhone 5.
Christopher Jenkins (Developer)

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