After going to the Londroid meeting, by Old Street, on the 24th February the Mubaloo Design team is very excited about the new Android HoneyComb tablet operating system that was show cased by google themselves.

Apple has always been slated by non users for setting a firm set of rules about how their apps should look and be designed, but by doing this they have set a standard that means that all apps designed for their iPhones are accessible, functional and familiar to all those who use them, and very easy to design for. Though being totally free to do whatever you want when designing Android apps has been seen by some as great in truth until now designing for Android has been a rather harder job than their rival platform. Having no guidelines on how an app should work leaves the field too open for unfamiliar controls and unintuitive functionality.

With the launch of Honeycomb Google have finally started to lay out some standard guidelines to make sure that all their tablet apps have a similar, and therefore familiar functionality, with a great looking top bar, icons and drop down menu system. A very clean minimal look across the whole operating system also adds another angle on how tablet apps can look and might be a nice change to some as a distinct opposite of the classic Apple “shiny” look that the iPad currently favours.

Mubaloo can’t wait to start rolling out the Android tablet apps and hopes that this new functionality will become not only a standard on their big screens but on their smartphones as well.

Written by: Eli Newman, Senior Designer at Mubaloo

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