Recently, Dropbox announced Dropbox for Business API, providing companies with the ability to integrate Dropbox for Business into their core IT processes. By doing so, developers can now provide admins with the ability to deploy and manage enterprise apps, thanks to team-level functionality.

The introduction of this new capability is centred around removing some of the barriers IT may have around using Dropbox and integrating it with the systems they use. With the API, businesses can now connect with over 20 enterprise integration partners such as CloudLock, Dell Data Protection and Guidance Software, to secure and manage critical enterprise processes.

Dropbox for Business was released in April this year to provide a platform for teams to create, share and collaborate instantly. Working with over 300,000 business apps including Microsoft Office, Salesforce, DocuSign and Adobe, IT can seamlessly integrate Dropbox into their workflow. As with the recent Office 365 APIs, this is a move which will help to reduce the amount of time spent flicking between apps.

Dropbox for Business allows more control over the security of sensitive information, with the use of functions like remote wipe for example; providing a way for IT admin to track the information being stored and shared. This unified solution provides employees with the benefit of working in one app, without interrupting their workflow.

After coming under scrutiny over how securely the data is stored, this new release provides additional security and control for the 100,000 businesses that use Dropbox as their core cloud storage and file-sharing platform.

Through this API companies can integrate the following capabilities:

  • Security information and event management (SIEM) and analytics: so IT has even more visibility and control over employee activity and sensitive data management.
  • Identity management & single sign-on (SSO): providing comprehensive control over team access.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP): providing enterprise-class DLP, auditing and compliance functionality, as well as simplified management of sensitive data
  • Digital rights management (DRM): for company data stored in Dropbox for Business accounts, additional client-side encryption and decryption can be added for companies in highly regulated industries.
  • Data migration and on-premises backup: secure sensitive information with on-site back-up and transfer large amounts of data between locations with ease.

The power of Dropbox comes from the ability to store, share and collaborate with a wide variety of files instantly and securely. As Dropbox continues to drive focus in the enterprise space, it needs to provide companies with the confidence regarding sensitive information.

This API release was definitely a step in the right direction. With revelations over data security and data protection rising over the past 18 months, this release provides essential security reassurances. By doing so, Dropbox is helping business with collaboration between third party apps and giving IT administrators control over the data shared and used amongst its members.

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