Mobile is helping disrupt entire industries and transform how businesses are run by providing real ROI and competitive advantage to organisations embracing mobile innovation. Mobile in the enterprise is key for organisations in what Gartner terms the ‘digital now, digital first’ era. According to the most recent Gartner CIO Agenda Survey, mobile is one of the top five technology investment priorities for CIOs.

However, when it comes to defining the opportunities for mobile across an organisation, one of the first questions raised is whether an off-the-shelf solution can be deployed, or whether a mobile application needs to be built bespoke. As a question often posed to Mubaloo’s strategy consultants, we will be covering a series on the topic to gather key insights from our experts to help IT leaders make informed decisions when faced with this challenge.

Off-the-shelf vs. bespoke?

Mubaloo’s strategy consultant, Marcus Carter, outlines the key considerations for the enterprise:

  • A good mobile strategy incorporates built-in, Off-the-Shelf and bespoke apps in a way that maximises Return on Investment (ROI)
  • If a requirement or set of requirements can be fulfilled by a Built In application, then building a case for Bespoke or Off-the-Shelf is very hard
  • Companies need to consider the nature of commercial objectives to find out what they are trying to achieve
  • Off-the-Shelf delivers greater efficiencies when focusing on processes which are common across all businesses
  • Companies need to look at whether the app is core to the business and whether it is something that will give them a competitive advantage by building the app themselves
  • Bespoke applications provide a powerful tool for differentiation within a market
  • Bespoke applications are designed for specific use cases and as such the user is placed at the centre of the concept
  • Ownership of the application gives control to the client and allows them to make any changes that they want, in turn allowing the application to evolve with the business

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