Mitie has been winning virtually every award it can in the facilities management space over the past year, thanks to its Miworld app. We’re immensely proud that Mitie chose Mubaloo to partner with on the project. Following all of its wins, Enterprise Apps Tech sat down to speak with Mitie about its journey and what it is doing.

As explained in the article:

“We had an established web-based reporting tool, so it displayed a number of key metrics across our relationships, but it was static,” explained Mark Hazelwood, operations director for Miworld at Mitie. “So what we wanted to do is get that data out into the operation in a live way…really turning data from something that was fairly passive into making it more interactive for us.”

Mitie went through a formal RFI and RFP process to select Mubaloo, which was acquired by IPG Mediabrands in February, and was impressed by the firm’s ability to combine development and design. “For me, it was absolutely key that we needed to make this thing useable,” said Hazelwood. “We wanted it to be more [of a] consumer feel app rather than a more technical feel, so anybody could pick it up and start using it.

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