Engineering and Technology Magazine spoke with industry experts, including Ben Reed, Mubaloo’s head of technology, about Google’s decision to pull its Google Glass from consumer sale and also its redevelopment into a new form for enterprise.

The magazine wanted to understand how Google Glass can be improved and what it needs to succeed.

Ben told the publication that more tangible benefits could be realised using Google Glass in the enterprise use case, over consumer use. He argued that if the public were to see the benefits of Glass for field workers, it would become more acceptable for consumer use.

“There is definitely a good argument for Glass being used as a tool in anything that requires hands-free access to information,” says Reed. “It’s a bit more broadly accepted, that if you get given something as a tool and it’s something to help you do your job better, you don’t feel quite as conscious about your appearance and wearing things.”

To read the full article and find out the seven key areas for the next phase of Glass in enterprise, click here.

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